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Cooking Concepts

Life Skills: Cooking Concepts
Our Adult Learning Modules are a series of basic Life Skills. These are appropriate for ages 12 and up with basic information that is easily understood and allows for processing between slides.

Training is approximately 45 minutes long

1) Learn basics of how to operate the: microwave, toaster, oven, stove, dishwasher
2) Learn what is okay to put in the dishwasher and what should be hand washed
3) Learn basic safety principles for preventing fires or burns while using the stove, toaster, oven, and microwave
4) Learn basic principles for washing dishes by hand, including how to properly use and store sponges, rags, and scrubbers
5) Learn basic safety principles for using knives
6) Learn about purposes and uses of basic kitchen tools:
a. Pots/pans (with and without Teflon), cutting boards, strainers
b. Tongs, serving utensils, spatulas, whisks
c. Can openers, peelers
d. Blenders, crockpots
e. Measuring tools
7) Learn about purpose and safety principles for using the garbage disposal
8) Learn basic food safety principles:
a. Handwashing
b. Handling raw meat
c. Identifying done-ness of food
d. Washing fruits/vegetables
e. Recognizing mold
f. Determining if food has spoiled
g. Staying and monitoring food throughout cooking
9) Learn how to prepare basic meals using the following methods:
a. Frying/sautéing on the stove
b. Baking in the oven
c. Boiling on the stove
10) Learn about basic food storage principles:
a. What to refrigerate or freeze versus leave at room temperature
b. Use of Tupperware, tin foil, and plastic bags
  • Cooking Concepts
  • Quiz - Part I
  • Cooking Concepts-Toaster
  • Quiz - Part II
  • Cooking Concepts-Oven
  • Quiz - Part III
  • Cooking Concepts-Stove
  • Quiz - Part IV
  • Cooking Concepts-In Case of Fire
  • Quiz - Part V
  • CookingConcepts-Dishwasher
  • Quiz - Part VI
  • CookingConcepts-Washing Dishes by Hand
  • Quiz - Part VII
  • Cooking Concepts-Basic Kitchen Tools
  • Quiz - Part VIII
  • Cooking Concepts-Food Safety
  • Quiz - Part IX
  • Cooking Concepts-Storing Food
  • Quiz - Part X
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever