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Community Safety Skills

Life Skills: Community Safety Skills
Our Adult Learning Modules are a series of basic Life Skills. These are appropriate for ages 12 and up with basic information that is easily understood and allows for processing between slides.

Training is approximately 15 minutes long

In this module you will:
1) Learn the importance of carrying an ID
2) Learn the importance of carrying a charged cell phone
3) Learn the importance of having one or two emergency numbers memorized
4) Learn the importance of keeping others advised regarding whereabouts
5) Learn how to keep wallets, keys, and phones safe and what to do if they are lost
6) Learn basics about walking and street safety
a. Use of crosswalks
b. Risks of walking at night
7) Learn what to do if lost
a. Online map navigation
b. Asking for directions
  • Community Safety
  • Quiz - Part I
  • Community Safety-Cell Phone
  • Quiz - Part II
  • Community Safety-Personal Belongings
  • Quiz - Part III
  • Community Safety-Carrying a Bag
  • Quiz - Part IV
  • Community Safety-If You Get Lost
  • Quiz - Part V
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever